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Sunday, February 2, 2014

If you have one wish what will it be?

I love these Potion bottles i found at ~ Kawaii ~ Woodland Treasures Gatcha event.
when you click on the potions they will give you the needed ingredients for you wish to come true!
Here are the potions:

Potion - Amazing Luck: ♣ Ingredients: 2 four leaf clovers, a Leprecaun fart, Sharvings of a horse shoe and half a rabbit's foot. ♣

Endless Riches: $ Ingredients: 2 flakes of pure gold, 1 crushed diamond, a melted down stolen crown, 2 drops of your own tears, a torn up lottery ticket and 5 crushed butterflies. $

Potion - Magical Fun: ★ Ingredients: 2 Jellybeans, 1 Unicorn Hair, 2 Cups of Sugar, a bar of chocolate and grated wood from a witch's broom. ★

 Potion - Poisoned Dagger: ☢ Ingredients: 4 Shards of Broken Glass, 2 Babies Tears, Essence of Hate and a cup of Self Loathing. ☢

Potion - Powerful Popularity: ☀ Ingredients: 2 pink rose petals, 5 hairs from your own head, a bottle of nail varnish, the soul of a kitten and a sprinkle of salt 

Potion - True Love's First Kiss RARE: ❤ Ingredients: 2 drops of vampire blood, 5 crushed red roses, 2 rays of moonlight and a cup full of cherries. ❤

Nails: ~ Kawaii ~ Glitter Glam Nails - new!

Shape and Skin: .::WoW Skins::.   Lina Bronze  Nat CL - NEW RELEASE!!! 
( modified chin )

Hair : Tukinowaguma Maria - Group Gift
( Free to Join )

Hair Base: Tameless HairBase - Copper - Group Gift
( Free To Join) 

Earrings: S*MESH - Steam Punk SeaHorse Earrings 0L MPRing:  .:*D*:. Rose Ring  - 0L MP

Pumps: {kokoia}  HANNOVER :: Shoes ::  (Gift 2000 members Group ))

Dress: Trouble - Shane Dress Black Asian Floral - Teasers!!! 

I am honored to be blogging for Ms. T Fashion Line.
I will post an update once the dresses are on the market but if you can't wait feel free to message her on  Trouble fashion for women .

Location: Sacred Cauldron

Shops for rent at  Khu_lhi outdoor mall
Please feel free to contact me for further info. 

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