I have been blogging on and off since 2011. I love to explore all different types of styles, so there will something for everyone.

I try to use windlight settings that show the true appearance of items, but keep in mind that something may look different on you than it did in my photo.

Many free items and deals are available for a limited time so don't wait!

Freebie Places & Groups

Great places to get freebies:

The Free Dove


Menstuff/Womenstuff Lounge (group required, 50L fee)

Groups that give notices and/or give access to freebies:

SL frees & offers  - get the list of group gifts here (click the mailbox)

Fabulously Free in SL (Fabulously Free in SL Group Gift Listing)

Teleport Hub - Gifts (10L fee but get access to a lot of gifts)

THIRD LIFE - Gifts (10L fee but another group that gives access to many gifts)

L'Homme Magazine SL

The New Lucky Chair Stalkers

Mejora Tu Apariencia - MTA

Ficamos Linda (os) com Gifts 

No Cabide

Facebook Groups & Pages

Gift SL

SL Freebies

SL - FREEholic 

Freebies Second Life 

Gifts - Second Life 


SL: MM & LB &Free gift (no VIP gift) 

Flickr SL Freebie Groups

Second Life Freebies (Ads Only)

Freebie Only Group - Second Life Syndicate 

SL - FREEholic

Second Life Free*Style


Stay at Home Club (free gifts across the grid and no group needed)

FabFree 30 Days List (free stuff for newbies)

Best feed of freebie blogs: SL Freebie Blog Feed

Last updated: June 2020 (updating in progress)

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