I have been blogging on and off since 2011. I love to explore all different types of styles, so there will something for everyone.

Many free items and deals are available for a limited time so don't wait!

Freebie Places & Groups

Great places to get freebies:

The Free Dove
Menstuff/Womenstuff Lounge (group required, 50L fee)

Groups that give notices or give access to freebies:

THIRD LIFE (10L fee)
Violet Mafia
The New Lucky Chair Stalkers
Mejora Tu Apariencia - MTA
SL frees & offers  - get the list of group gifts here (click the mailbox)
No Cabide
Ficamos Linda (os) com Gifts 
Fabulously Free in SL (Fabulously Free in SL Group Gift Listing)
Teleport Hub - Gifts (10L fee)

Facebook Groups & Pages

Gift SL
SL Freebies
SL - FREEholic 
Freebies Second Life 
Gifts - Second Life 

Flickr SL Freebie Groups

Second Life Freebies (Ads Only)
Freebie Only Group - Second Life Syndicate 
SL - FREEholic
Second Life Free*Style

FabFree 30 Days List (free stuff for newbies)

Best feed of freebie blogs: SL Freebie Blog Feed

Last updated September 4, 2018

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