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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeling the Burn

Tank and shorts outfit is a lucky board prize at SEVEN. Group membership required but free to join.

Sneakers are the JoJ hunt gift at AsYLUM. They are huge but resizable.

Lime socks are free and from Divine.

Hair is gift from Mina Hair at Seraphim HQ. Free membership required.

Eyes (Magik Floral) are part of the JoJ hunt gift from Birth.

Skin is the Womenstuff hunt gift from EnvyMe.

Poses are part of the pose set that is the Womenstuff hunt gift from CS Shapes. (Except for pose with tennis racket)

Pictures taken at TT Playable Sports Park (also got free tennis racket there)

(I didn't notice the light color eyebrows until I finished taking the pics. Oh well.)

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