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Friday, February 10, 2012

Freebies from Fashion Trend Group

There is a group I recently found out about that gives freebies from great designers. It is a group designers use to advertise their products. The name of the group is Fashion Trend, and it is free to join. This post shows a few of the gifts currently offered in notices.

The link for the group:


This top is made by ~Sassy!~ and called cherished camisk in pink.

The hair is from D!va and named Ruri in ruby which is a limited color. There are several color choices for the hair band. It is a lucky board item at D!va.

The skin is a Valentine's gift from Swallow. There are two designs of the same skin tone available.

This shirt is a gift from DANIELLE. Two shades of this shirt style are given; this shade is plum. The other shade is Dark Indigo.

The hair is another style made by D!va and also a lucky board prize.

The eyes are a freebie from Rozena. Described in previous blog.

The outfit shown below is a gift a from *KPD* and named I See You.

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