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Monday, October 14, 2013

Boo! Bunny Hunt 2 Gifts Galore!

The Boo! Bunny Hunt 2 officially starts tomorrow!  This free hunt ends October 31st...so don't miss out on the great gifts!  Several of the hunt gifts and more free stuff are shown in this post.  Whew...this is the longest post I have ever done. 
I want to thank all of the B!BH2 designers for their items!
*Sponsor gifts are located in the Hidden Forest and you have to complete the hunt to get clues for the Hidden Forest's location*
Picture One
Jacket *mesh* - Miss Darcy B!BH2 gift
Jeans *mesh* - B!ASTA group gift (50L fee)
Includes shirt/mini dress not shown
Spiked collar - Bangles And Baubles B!BH2 gift (has RLV options but can be disabled)
Includes gift for men not shown
Shoes - Angel Alphaville item on Marketplace (10L)
Nails - [ S H O C K ] Factory group gift (free) 
Bucket - *Finishing Touches* B!BH2 gacha prize (25L per play)
Hair - Emphique free Halloween gift (no longer free)
Includes 5 shades and another hair style
Eye make-up - ~Razzles~ freebie at the Fright Fest-Cart Sale
Picture Two
Outfit *mesh*- ToXiC HiGh B!BH2 gift
Necklace - SUGEL CO. B!BH2 gift
Bucket - *Finishing Touches* B!BH2 RARE gacha prize (25L per play)
Hair with hat - ChiChickie! Nevermore Hunts Trick or Treat Trail 2013 gift
Picture Three
Dress *mesh* - + [ l u x u r i a n t ] B!BH2 gift
Bracelet - OPAL Jewelry B!BH2 gift
Bag - OPAL Jewelry B!BH2 Sponsor gift
Hair - Alli&Ali Designs "Debbie" on Marketplace (1L)
Shoes - Angel Alphaville item on Marketplace (10L)
First Three Pictures
Skin - HUSH group gift (free)
Includes several tones, cleavage options and shape (not shown) 
Lip colors - {Tilly} limited time free gift on Marketplace
Includes 8 colors
Shape - CS Shapes previous gift
Picture Four
Corset *mesh* - {mary cakes} design B!BH2 gift
Skirt - Sn@tch lucky board prize
Includes 6 colors
Includes men's size not shown
Skin, shape and fangs - Bite&Claw B!BH2 gift
Includes mesh feet, 4 cleavage options and Lola's Tango appliers  
Blood on face - +REDRUM+ free gift
Includes 3 amount of blood options
Hair - Tameless group gift (free)
Includes hud to change hair color
First Four Pictures 
Eyes - REAL EYES group gifts
Poses - Diesel Works September gift (still available)
Includes 11 single plus couple poses 
Taken at Samurai Village
Pictures Five and Six
Bunny with sheet and bucket - *Finishing Touches* B!BH sponsor gift
Sheet can be removed, shown in picture seven
Candles - Witch's Brew B!BH gift
Cupcake tray and cupcake giver - Petite Plunder B!BH2 gifts
Tray has poses for petites and cupcake giver provides mini cupcakes
Pumpkin display - Dreamscapes Art Gallery B!BH2 gift
Has 2 floors and includes furnishings not shown
Table - Envisage: Limitless free gift on Marketplace
I plan on showing more B!BH2 gifts, so stay tuned!

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