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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dancing at Swan Lake

The Araree makeup and the Anathema necklace remind me of the movie "Black Swan" so I decided to use that concept.

On the "Black Swan":

Dress is January group gift from B!asta. The group is free to join until February. There is a lucky board, Midnight Hunting board and gifts in the subscriber notices.

Necklace is called Anathema and is a [BlackLabel] Chod Collection gift from Miamai for group members. It is located inside the store. The group gifts are free but there is 50L fee to join the group. There are gifts for men and women.

On face is Araree makeup, another group gift from Miamai. It is near the landing pad.

Eyes are a free gift from Death Row Designs.

On the "White Swan":

The dress is a Miamai group gift. Check group notices to get it.

Eyes are a free gift from XLine and are on Marketplace.

Cinderella Necklace is a group gift from Fairy Tail. It’s free to join and other group gifts are available at the store and one in group notices. Fairy Tail is closing on Jan 8th so there is a clearance sale. Lucky boards are also there.

On Both:

Shape, eye brows and skin package is January group gift from Alchemy. For a limited time, Alchemy is free to join. The owner is very generous with gifts. There is also an outlet at the store with outfits ranging from 40 to 60L.

Flower tiara is a lucky chair prize from Twisted and Spoiled. There are three lucky chairs and two group gifts at the store. The group is free to join.

Hair is named Say and is part of a fat pack that is a free gift from [elikatira]. Item on Marketplace.

The Poses are a free gift from Gesticulate! Poses and available at FabFree Station.

Photos taken at Phantom Rose – Swan Lake

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