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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Such a Flirt!

White shirt is called Sweet Bish and is a new lucky chair prize from Toxic Bish. The shirt is sheer so I am wearing a white bra under it.
Also camping chairs and MM boards. Have to be group member to slap MM boards, but its free to join.
Clothes for guys too

Skully Pink&Black Chucks is the female subscribe gift from ~Kennedy's~.
There is also a MM board and lucky chair in the store with new prizes.

Baggy pants is a free group gift from Loop, and there are other free group gifts available. The group is free to join. Stuff for men and women.

Flirt Cosmetics
Panties Free group gift, no fee to join group

Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Bracelets 15 colors Free gift, no group required

Hair is“Rena” Type in Ruby. Free lucky board prize at D!va. (I love the style and color!) Several group gifts and no fee to join.

JeSyLiLO JESY free gift skin Shade Pale 2
Two lucky chairs, free skins, group gift. Enrollment is free.

M.O.C.K Licorice Whips Makeover (eye shadow)
Located at FabFree station

Top pose is part of a free pose pack from Gesticulate! Poses and also available at FabFree Station.
other two poses are from ORACUL Basically Girl AO (Was previously free on the Marketplace but is no longer on there. It is transferrable so maybe you can find someone who has it).

Eyes and Sienna shape from CS Shapes previously blogged.

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