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I have been blogging on and off since 2011. I love to explore all different types of styles, so there will something for everyone.

I include the designer's name so if the landmark is outdated, you can look up the store easier. I also try to use windlight settings that show the true appearance of items, but keep in mind that something may look different on you than it did in my photo. Larger pictures are on Flicker.

Many free items and deals are available for a limited time so don't wait!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Free Hair at Exile


Recent gift seen here

Gifts in subscriber notices, too.

At Exile, there is a display of free hair (six styles for women and three for men). Also, subscribe for notices and get two more free hair styles (not shown). Check the notice history to get the free hair. I don't know how long the subscribe gifts are going to be available but the sytles on the display should be available for a long time.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Savior Hair

Inworld, Savior Hair offers hair that is either free or cost 1L. The following is a quote from the Savior Hair website,"Savior Hair is a place for new and old players to get to know the hair designers throughout Second Life. We are a world of varying tastes and ideals so the variety of hair designers in SL."

Custom iNKZ - Tattoos, Clothing, Poses, Piercings and Shapes

This store has great apparel and a large selection. I have several outfits from Custom Inkz (even ones I paid full price for!). Be sure to hit these MM boards for free clothes, ladies!

Gothic Obsession Lapointe and Bastchild

Gothic jewelry and clothing inworld store. There is a free shop of items they have retired.

Womenstuff and Menstuff Lounge

Free top designer gifts for Menstuff and Womenstuff Group Members!

In Her Shoes

All shoes located at In Her Shoes are free!

The Free Dove

A great inworld store that offers freebies is The Free Dove. The Free Dove has free items from second life designers and retailers. These items are meant for new residents to use to get started.