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I have been blogging on and off since 2011. I love to explore all different types of styles, so there will something for everyone.

I include the designer's name so if the landmark is outdated, you can look up the store easier. I also try to use windlight settings that show the true appearance of items, but keep in mind that something may look different on you than it did in my photo. Larger pictures are on Flicker.

Many free items and deals are available for a limited time so don't wait!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pretty Like a Rose

Dress (includes collar with charm) is the group gift from Dimbula Rose. Free to join. Pictures taken there, too.

Shoes are free and from Shiny Things

Hair (Kanon in Ruby) is one of the new lucky board prizes at D!va

Eyes are part of the Womenstuff hunt gift at Birth.

Skin (Ulika) is one of many lucky board prizes at Mother Goose’s Skins

Pose is one of the free poses at Tram. Second pic is not a pose.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love Womenstuff!

The following are gifts from the Womenstuff Hunt:

Skin and eyes from Antz

Shirt from LiF Lost in Fashion

Jeans from M&C FaCtOrY

(Hunt ends March 3rd)

Hair (Liz) is a MM board prize at ChiChickie!

Shoes are from House of Fox. Free for a limited time and will not be available for sale.

Heart poses are one of the group gifts at Juxtapose. Free group enrollment.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nightmare Doll

Free pose (Creature) from oOo Studio. Many other free poses at store, too.

Skin and tattoo are part of the Brutal Love Hunt gift at Little Bat.

Goth Doll Stitching Tattoo is a lucky chair prize at Eternal Darkness

Eyes (Infected) JoJ hunt gift from Repulse

Shoes are the Tainted Heart Hunt gift at Dilly Dolls.

Outfit (Serelee) and stockings (from set) are free group gifts from Pinkmares. Free to join.

Both hair by Adoness (MM prize) and poses from CS Shapes (hunt gift) have been previously blogged.

dUTCH-tOUCH Skins - Last Day to Join Free + Free Shape!

Today (Feb 27th) is the last day to join the dUTCH-tOUCH Skins & Shapes VIP group for free. Free shape available for VIP group members at store.

Group: secondlife:///app/group/b8379bec-4b55-5e3a-322b-e7ce7b842c10/about

Surl to free shape:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Big Sale at ChiChickie for This Weekend Only!

75% off 15 different styles at ChiChickie! This Weekend Only!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Do I Look Phat In This?

Smut Designs Group has a 5 dress phat pack in its notices (date 2/22/12). Free to join.

Shoes are the JoJ hunt gift at Sweet Antidote. (LOVE the shoes there)

Hair is the Curio subscriber gift. Includes three shades - blonde with black tips, blond with pink tips and black with blond tips.

Eyes (Magik Iceblast) are part of the JoJ hunt gift from Birth.

Skin is the By the Face Hunt gift at Modish skins.

Poses are part of the pose set that is the JoJ hunt gift at Blah.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeling the Burn

Tank and shorts outfit is a lucky board prize at SEVEN. Group membership required but free to join.

Sneakers are the JoJ hunt gift at AsYLUM. They are huge but resizable.

Lime socks are free and from Divine.

Hair is gift from Mina Hair at Seraphim HQ. Free membership required.

Eyes (Magik Floral) are part of the JoJ hunt gift from Birth.

Skin is the Womenstuff hunt gift from EnvyMe.

Poses are part of the pose set that is the Womenstuff hunt gift from CS Shapes. (Except for pose with tennis racket)

Pictures taken at TT Playable Sports Park (also got free tennis racket there)

(I didn't notice the light color eyebrows until I finished taking the pics. Oh well.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

He Broke My Heart So I Took His

Bloody bride outfit is the Shattered Heart Hunt gift from Reila Skins & Fashion. Comes with both short and long dress options. It does cost 1L.

The knife, heart and blood are part of the MRVH gift at Yulicie. There is also a shirt and skirt which are not shown.

White pumps are free and from Baby Monkey Shoes.

Eyes (Callous) are the Tainted Heart Hunt gift at Repulse.

Hair (Aurora) made by Adoness. MM Board prize.

Skin is the Womenstuff Hunt gift at Al Vulo. Previously blogged.

Pictures taken at the Free Love Wedding Chapel.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Red Hot Lady

The entire outfit is the LoveCats new group gift. Free to join.

Eyes (Glacial Dusk shade) are by Mayfly and the current group gift until **Feb 20th**. Free enrollment.

Skin is the JoJ hunt gift at Nikita Fride. The skin is tattooed.

Hair is the JoJ hunt gift from JeSyLiLO.

Poses are part of the pose set that is the Womenstuff hunt gift at CS Shapes.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Who Said Girls Can't Play Sports?

The outfit is named Sporty and is a Womenstuff hunt gift from Custom iNKZ.

Hair is also named Sporty and is a lucky board prize from :ARI: & Co Hair Store. There are two colors shown on the board but you only win the black. The hair is scripted, touch it and you change its shade of black.

The skin is a Womenstuff hunt gift from al Vulo! The face has smeared mascara and tears. I chosed this skin for this post because I think it looks good with the outfit so to make it work I am going to say her mascara ran when she became sweaty. :)

Sneakers are a free group gift from [ JP ]:dsg. Free to join.

Eyes are free and from Rozera. They have been shown in a couple of previous posts.

The poses were free from Olive Juice which closed recently. I had to use them because they went perfect with the basketball.

The pictures were taken at Columtreal University (College Town Urban Roleplay Sim). The basketball is a free prop there.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Blows

Blowing hearts pose (I Love You Blow Me) is a gift from Status at the Juicy Crush On You event.

The dress is a Valentine gift from Lushish Catz.

The red boots are the February group gift from Chrysalis. No fee to join.

Pink eyes are named Passion and a gift from Mayfly at the Juicy Crush On You event.
Same surl as the Status gift.

Skin is named Ally, pale and bare. It is a group gift from NVious By Gigi. Free enrollment.

Hair is by A&A, style is Bella in darkbrown. It's a free promo on the Marketplace that **ends February 28th**.

Dress, necklace and earings are a gift from H.E.D and found in the Fashion Freaks group notices. It also comes with a long skirt option. Free to join.

Wings are a gift from Flirt at the Juicy Crush On You Event.

**Event ends February 18th**

Roses Are Soooo Cliche'

The pink skinny jeans are on the MM board at Waffle. The target is 25.

Crush Cactus Planter is a free gift from W. Winx and Flair at the Juicy Crush On You Event. **Ends February 18th**.

Top is a 2012 gift from Kim at its Sounds Gravis Beach location.

Hair is Leesyn in light Bbue made by A&A. It is special color and a free promo which **ends February 21st**. Found on Marketplace.

Free sneakers from In Her Shoes.

Both free skin and free eyes previously mentioned in "Happy Lingerie Day" post.

Pictures taken at the Juicy Crush On You event.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Free Lipstick Shades TODAY ONLY

Two free shades of lipsticks available today only at Pididdle (just at the Kozmetika location)

MM Boards at Pinkmares Mall

MM Boards at Pinkmares Mall

- InSpired Rose Velvet Ankle Boots
- Little Brat Plum Makeup
- Gothica 4 corset tops (free Seduce outfit there too)
- Unique Clothing pink dress (also free Style outfit there)

Don’t forget to slap the MM board inside Pinkmares House too

Monday, February 13, 2012

Be a Diva

All outfits in this post are free and from DivaLicious.

Yellow dress is part of Sunshine fatpack, which is a lucky chair prize. The other two dresses are orange and hot pink.

Teal dress is part of the Tainted Love fatpack. The other two colors are purple and pink. This fatpack is the DivaLicious group gift. Group is free to join.

Chocolate color eyes free from Curious Kitties

Purple and pink outfit is the Valentine's gift for group members.

The hair is lucky board prize from D!va. Previously blogged.

The skin is a free Valentine's gift from Swallow. There are two designs of the same skin tone available. Previously blogged.

Red dress is called Heartbreaker and is a lucky chair gift.

The red shoes are part of a pack of 12 classic pumps made by Plausible Body Store. The pack is free and on the Marketplace. Other colors in the pack will match other outfits in this post.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

MEB Group Gift

MEB group gift is a pair of open-button red jeans, comes in both regular and boot cut. The group is free to join. There is also a subscriber gift which was previously blogged.

Link for group: secondlife:///app/group/b8cd7e49-fdc4-f1f2-655d-ddf3985dc7e6/about


Friday, February 10, 2012

Freebies from Fashion Trend Group

There is a group I recently found out about that gives freebies from great designers. It is a group designers use to advertise their products. The name of the group is Fashion Trend, and it is free to join. This post shows a few of the gifts currently offered in notices.

The link for the group:


This top is made by ~Sassy!~ and called cherished camisk in pink.

The hair is from D!va and named Ruri in ruby which is a limited color. There are several color choices for the hair band. It is a lucky board item at D!va.

The skin is a Valentine's gift from Swallow. There are two designs of the same skin tone available.

This shirt is a gift from DANIELLE. Two shades of this shirt style are given; this shade is plum. The other shade is Dark Indigo.

The hair is another style made by D!va and also a lucky board prize.

The eyes are a freebie from Rozena. Described in previous blog.

The outfit shown below is a gift a from *KPD* and named I See You.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Lingerie Day

Both the first and second pictures are lucky board prizes at c.A. (chocolate atelier). Free group membership required. These prizes are transferrable so they make great gifts!

Skin is named Lene and is a limited lucky board prize at Mother Goose.

Hair is the February group gift from HairARt. Free enrollment.

Afternoon Eye in Tea shade. Free at Rozena and laying on stand with a display of eyes behind it. There is not a sign stating its free.

This picture is one of the 2 sets of free Attitudes lingerie at the Valentine Market. The one shown is the hot pink shade and the other set is light pink. Available until Feb 15.

Dirty Little Secret has two sets of lingerie, one red and the other white, as their February group gift. Free to join.

Now ladies, is lingerie really a gift for US? :P

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New (red)Mint Group Gift

For those of you who aren't familiar with (red)Mint group gifts, I want to tell you that the gifts are great and the group is free. Received notecard from group saying the gift is available unitl February 15th. Check out the lucky chairs when you are there, too.

UPDATE: This hair is now a lucky chair prize!

Friday, February 3, 2012

February VIP Group Gifts at Carrie Lingerie

The following are this month's VIP gifts at Carrie Lingerie. There is a 500L enrollment fee but I have been told VIP group members get discounts on certain items and a gift every month. This month there is also a second female gift in the group notices and a VIP members only party on February 8th.

(Gifts cannot be transferred so apparently men join the group too).

There is also a regular Carrie Lingerie group which is free to join. I do not think the regular group has a new gift every month. That group gift was recently blogged.

Tired of Pink and Red Yet?

I hope not because Valentine's Day isn't even here yet! But I was able to find free gifts that have no trace of pink or red.

White mini dress is the February group gift from SEVEN. Group is free to join. Lucky boards are also at the store.

Ultimate Vegas in silver is another lucky board prize at Baby Monkey Shoes. Slap the MM board and don’t forget the group gifts! No fee to join.

Hair is a free gift from REDLIC Main Store. Two other free gifts (female hair with hats) available and lucky boards at the store, too.

Strange Light Eyes are the February regular group gift from Insufferable Dastard Eye Boutique.

Skin is My UglyDorothy February group gift and group has no enrollment fee.

Pictures taken at Lovely’s Photo Studio.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


The dresses are lucky board prizes at ROCK ME AMADEUS. Each prize has a set of two dresses. The pink dress comes in two shades of pink and the teal dress comes with a black version.

The pink shoes are part of a pack of 12 classic pumps made by Plausible Body Store. The pack is free and on the Marketplace.

The Liberty Boots in teal (love them!) is one of many lucky board prizes at Baby Monkey Shoes. Also several group gifts and group has free enrollment.

Hair is currently the MM board prize at :ARI: & Co Hair Store. It has been on the board for a while and don't know how much longer it will be. There are three colors shown on the board but you only win the black. The hair is scripted, touch it and you change the shade of black it is.

For the pink dress, the skin is a free Valentine Present from Pink.

For the teal dress, skin is the February group gift at -BC-. Free to join.

Poses are free and made by E.inK. On the Marketplace and E.inK has other free poses on there, too.

Eyes are made by XLine and are free (previously blogged). Found on Marketplace.