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I have been blogging on and off since 2011. I love to explore all different types of styles, so there will something for everyone.

I include the designer's name so if the landmark is outdated, you can look up the store easier. I also try to use windlight settings that show the true appearance of items, but keep in mind that something may look different on you than it did in my photo. Larger pictures are on Flicker.

Many free items and deals are available for a limited time so don't wait!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kitten Krazy

Go to Kitten Krazy for your new best friend!
Find out more about KittyCatS here.

For a limited time, you can get a FREE birthday edition cat at the KittyCatS main store.  This cat still needs to be fed. 

But, there is a FREE Firestorm edition that does NOT need food!  Also at the main store.  Beside the Firestorm kitty board, there is a shelf that has a free collar!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Wastelands

Jack or Jill Hunt 4.0  ends Feb. 28th!
The following are gifts from the hunt:
Top - cheeky
Boots - Glitzz
Includes dress not shown
Necklace - Fujiwara’s World 
Pose - elephante poses 
Set of male poses
Bike *mesh* - Hogs and Cart Wheels 
Without guns version included
Other Gifts:
Jeans -  HEYDRA group gift
Free to join Feb. 21 & 22 only!  Get 300L in store credit each month.
Hat *mesh* - IGNITION ART group gift (free)
Unisex, includes hud to change color of stripe
Gloves -  ODDITY SL Frees & Offers group gift (free)
Includes hud, brown color not shown, unisex
Hair - ~Tableau Vivant~ group gift (currently free to join)
Includes hud, fatpack, unisex
Skin - Mother Goose's "Shiho Hurt" lucky board prize
Eyes - Dead Apples "Sorrow eyes" group gift (1L fee)
Includes 4 colors
Eye liner - Dead Apples group gift (1L fee)
Includes several colors
Shape - CS Shapes "Binky" group gift (99L)
Includes set of eyebrows
Location - The Wastelands
Roleplay sim, box of freebies there

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Krazy Kute

Top *mesh* - Pretty Kitty Design lucky board prize
Includes hud - color of writing & picture change while wearing it, click cat icon on left side of screen and choose color if you don't want it to change.  Comes with notecard for more info.

Skirt, leggings and boots *mesh* - Kreepshow Kouture  lucky board prize
Includes t-shirt not shown

Bag - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations freebie on front desk

Ring - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations  Jack or Jill Hunt 4.0 gifts ends Feb. 28th

Hair - pr!tty gift in group notices *date 2/11* last only 14 days (free)
In-world store closed for construction

Skin - PELLE group gift (free)
Includes make-up not shown

Eye shadow - Pink Acid freebie at With Love Fair ends Feb. 20th

Lip color - Pink Acid Jack or Jill Hunt 4.0 gifts ends Feb. 28th
Set of colors

Freckles - Graffitiwear welcome gift (gift is given when you visit store)

Teeth - Graffitiwear February subscriber gift

Eyes - IKON group gift (free) available limited time!

Shape -  Lumae  "Odette" group gift (free)
Includes skin not shown 

Pose - Overlow Poses free set on Marketplace

Photo studio and pose stand - free gift on Marketplace

Texture - DoiT Textures free pack on Marketplace

Go here for krazy kute kittens!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Gift of You

Skin and teeth - ::JOLI:: group gift (free)
Includes more eyebrow colors and freckles not shown

Shape - Lumae "Evie" February group gift (free)
Includes skin shown here

Hair *mesh* - little bones. group gift (100L fee)
Includes hud (valentine colors)

Eyes *mesh* - Mayfly "Plum Rose" group lucky board prize (free)

Lingerie *mesh corset* - Hilly Haalan gift in group notices *date 2/12* (free)
Notices last 14 days!

Earrings and necklace - Beloved Jewelry gift in group notices *date 2/6* (free)
Notices last 14 days!

Piercing - :: A x i x :: group gift (free) AVAILABLE 2/14 ONLY!
Includes black and gold versions and single heart version not shown

Cookie - Grumble Mini Mania board prize

Texture - Frogstar free set of textures on Marketplace

Photo studio and pose stand - free gift on Marketplace

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

#1 Crush

Free hunt gifts! 

Stupid Cupid Hunt 3 gifts ends Feb. 15th
Eyes - Inkheart
Set of 4
Bracelet - ~Mesh Glam~
Pants - HEYDRA
Pictures - Lok's Low Prim Furniture

Sweetheart Hunt gifts ends Feb. 28th
Shirt *mesh* - The Untitled

Add Some Red Hunt 2 gifts ends Feb. 28th
Necklace - Exquisite Jewellery
Includes earrings not shown

Jack or Jill Hunt 4.0 gifts ends Feb. 28th
Lip color - Pink Acid
Set of colors

Hair *mesh* - PELLE free gift

Skin, shape & eye lashes - Lumae February group gift (free)
Includes more skin tones and eyebrows not shown, eye lashes tattoo layer

Nails - FORMANAILS lucky board prize

Boots - Sn@tch lucky board prize
Click to change color of trim

Poses - Expressive Poses "Moa" on Marketplace (1L)

Loveseat - Grumble MM board prize

Topiary - Grumble Guess & Win prize

Sky box *mesh* - Sibila Lubitsch freebie on Marketplace

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Furry Friends

Picture One -

Dress *mesh* - Vicarious Youth usable demo

Hair bows and glasses - Sweet Thing MM board prizes
Target is 10, prizes rotate

Shoes - ROLY-POLY usable demo on Marketplace

Socks - Edelwiess free gift on Marketplace

Tray with cookies - The Secret Store freebie

Fridge - General Dynamic freebie on Marketplace

Counter *mesh* - laideronnette free gift on Marketplace

Dog - Pose Maniacs group gift at Pose Me Amazing Event
Set of 3 poses

Picture Two:

Hoodie *mesh* - Vicarious Youth MM board prize
Target is 10

Jeans and shoes *both mesh* - Vicarious Youth usable demos

Pose with rabbit - Tiny Trinkets free gift on Marketplace

Dresser with mirror and rug - Koko Ashworth Shabby Chic Homestore freebie on Marketplace 

Both Pictures:

Hair - D!va new group gift (free)
Fatpack, two styles, resizable

Skin - Mother Goose's lucky board prize

Teeth - ::JOLI:: group gift (free)
Includes skin not shown

Eyes - Mayfly "Stormy Teal" group gift (free)

Shape  - CS Shapes (child shape no longer available)

Poses (except one with rabbit) - l'amitie* pose hud on Marketplace (5L)

Cabin - Simple Things free gift on Marketplace