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I have been blogging on and off since 2011. I love to explore all different types of styles, so there will something for everyone.

I include the designer's name so if the landmark is outdated, you can look up the store easier. I also try to use windlight settings that show the true appearance of items, but keep in mind that something may look different on you than it did in my photo. Larger pictures are on Flicker.

Many free items and deals are available for a limited time so don't wait!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is It Summer Yet?

Dress is named Peony and it is one of two free group gifts from Lika Ruby. Free enrollment.

Shoes are free and made by TELSA. Part of a seven shoes gift pack. On the Marketplace.

Hair is a free group gift from *hairshop nodoka*. Enrollment is free.

Kim skin and eyes are made by Antz. The skin comes in two options, with and without teeth. Skin and eyes are free group gifts and group enrollment is free.

Poses are by Gesticulate! and the set is available free at FabFree HQ.

Pictures taken at Hapuna Beach.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Group Gift from Modavia Fashion Marketing

Skin is [sYs] VIXIE skin - NOIR
This unique makeup, called Noir, has been exclusively made for Modavia group members, and will never be available again.

The Modavia Fashion Marketing group is free to join and offers nice group gifts from leading SL designers. Subscribe for notices and get a pair of navy gloves.


Hair has been mentioned in previous blog post and can be found on the Marketplace.

Eyes are free and made by Amacci.

Hey Sexy Lady

One of the group gifts at Tribe. The other gift is the blue version. Group is free to join.

This bra and panties set is part of a free fat pack at MAGARI. The hair in all four pics is part of a fat pack which is another group gift at MAGARI. The group is free to join.

Bra and panties are a free gift from Fishy Strawberry. There are also two other free gifts there.

This lingerie set is the regular group gift from Carrie's Lingerie which is free to join. The pictures were also taken at Carrie Lingerie.

The skin is the group gift from Shiva. Free to join.

The Shape (Sienna from CS Shapes) and eyes (XLine) have been mentioned in previous posts.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Want some free stuff?

Of course you do! There is a new Menstuff/Womenstuff HQ. Lots of free, new goodies.

Natural Beauty is still having its holiday sale!

I went to Natural Beauty today and noticed it is still having a big holiday sale. All items in the inworld store cost only 40L each! I don't know when the sale ends, but I doubt a sale this good will last much longer.

There is also a skin and shape group gift available. The group is free to join.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shhhh….It’s a Secret

At Emma's Secret the MM Board prize is Olivia (four dress pack). Really pretty gowns. The goal is only 30, can easily be achieved.

There are also several group gifts. The group is 100L to join.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Market Cart Sale and Freebies

The outlet stores at Shabby Chic Village are having a market cart sale until the end of January. Freebies are there too!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting Chilly

Gloves and glasses are lucky board prizes at {K}rea

Boots are a Kookie subscriber gift (fat pack). Also get another shoe fat pack when you subscribe.

Brown scarf sweater is a AD&DW hunt gift from Quarantine.

Green jeans are a group gift from Barlow Fashion Mainstore. Free to join and other group gifts available.

Diana Hair 10K subscriber gift from ChiChickie!

Poses are from ORACUL Basically Girl AO (Was previously free on the Marketplace but is no longer on there. It is transferrable so maybe you can find someone who has it).
UPDATE! Found the Basically Girl AO at the Violet Mafia HQ. One of my new fav places.

CS Shape, Mother Goose skin and TULI eyes mentioned in previous blogs.

Pics taken at Kitty Cats Winter Land.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

ANCAYI 50% Percent Off Closing Sale!

ANCAYI will close february 1st !

From January 15th till January 31st there is a 50%off closing sale.

Some designers in the mall will participate in this sale, too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Check Me Out!

Mother Goose Skin Anika LB, a lucky board prize.

Unbirthday Redux hair style, part of a fatpack from lamb. Other free hair styles available too.

Outfit is a MEB subscriber gift. Also a free shirt there.

Chrysalis shoes free group gift. Free enrollment.

Sleeping Ponies Tattoo, a free gift from Para Designs. There are also other freebies and dollarbies.

STaTUS Emo Moods 5 pose set, a gift at SERAPHIM HQ

Shape and eyes mentioned in previous posts

Leather purple handbag is Koko’s latest group gift. Free to join. Several lucky chairs, MM board and free skins are at the inworld store too.

Pale Beauty

Skin is My UglyDorothy January free group gift. Enrollment is free.

Wearing D!va Hair, “Haruka” in Carrot. Free group gift. Enrollment free.

Outfit is Snowman Hoodie Set by Leni Miles Designs (LMD)
Bottom pic has make-up which is [mock] Darken Mood
Both outfit and make-up can be found at SERAPHIM HQ. More free gifts from other great stores are there too.

Shoes are from Sweet Antidote, AD&DW hunt gift

Shape (CS Shapes)and eyes (TULI) mentioned in previous posts

Pics taken at Soraya’s Winter Enchantment

Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Weekend Only at Adam n Eve!

Two free eye shadows available this weekend only at Adam n Eve

Such a Flirt!

White shirt is called Sweet Bish and is a new lucky chair prize from Toxic Bish. The shirt is sheer so I am wearing a white bra under it.
Also camping chairs and MM boards. Have to be group member to slap MM boards, but its free to join.
Clothes for guys too

Skully Pink&Black Chucks is the female subscribe gift from ~Kennedy's~.
There is also a MM board and lucky chair in the store with new prizes.

Baggy pants is a free group gift from Loop, and there are other free group gifts available. The group is free to join. Stuff for men and women.

Flirt Cosmetics
Panties Free group gift, no fee to join group

Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Bracelets 15 colors Free gift, no group required

Hair is“Rena” Type in Ruby. Free lucky board prize at D!va. (I love the style and color!) Several group gifts and no fee to join.

JeSyLiLO JESY free gift skin Shade Pale 2
Two lucky chairs, free skins, group gift. Enrollment is free.

M.O.C.K Licorice Whips Makeover (eye shadow)
Located at FabFree station

Top pose is part of a free pose pack from Gesticulate! Poses and also available at FabFree Station.
other two poses are from ORACUL Basically Girl AO (Was previously free on the Marketplace but is no longer on there. It is transferrable so maybe you can find someone who has it).

Eyes and Sienna shape from CS Shapes previously blogged.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dancing at Swan Lake

The Araree makeup and the Anathema necklace remind me of the movie "Black Swan" so I decided to use that concept.

On the "Black Swan":

Dress is January group gift from B!asta. The group is free to join until February. There is a lucky board, Midnight Hunting board and gifts in the subscriber notices.

Necklace is called Anathema and is a [BlackLabel] Chod Collection gift from Miamai for group members. It is located inside the store. The group gifts are free but there is 50L fee to join the group. There are gifts for men and women.

On face is Araree makeup, another group gift from Miamai. It is near the landing pad.

Eyes are a free gift from Death Row Designs.

On the "White Swan":

The dress is a Miamai group gift. Check group notices to get it.

Eyes are a free gift from XLine and are on Marketplace.

Cinderella Necklace is a group gift from Fairy Tail. It’s free to join and other group gifts are available at the store and one in group notices. Fairy Tail is closing on Jan 8th so there is a clearance sale. Lucky boards are also there.

On Both:

Shape, eye brows and skin package is January group gift from Alchemy. For a limited time, Alchemy is free to join. The owner is very generous with gifts. There is also an outlet at the store with outfits ranging from 40 to 60L.

Flower tiara is a lucky chair prize from Twisted and Spoiled. There are three lucky chairs and two group gifts at the store. The group is free to join.

Hair is named Say and is part of a fat pack that is a free gift from [elikatira]. Item on Marketplace.

The Poses are a free gift from Gesticulate! Poses and available at FabFree Station.

Photos taken at Phantom Rose – Swan Lake

January Group Gift at Legal Insanity

Legal Insanity’s Group Gift for January is available. The group is free to join but the gift cost 1L. Members are able to purchase previous gifts too, each for 1L.

The gift includes:
Male outfit : t-shirt, low rise white jeans and sculpted cuffs
Female Outfit: tank, low rise white jeans and sculpted cuffs

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rainbow Brite

The outfit, including shoes and bracelets, is a Prizes for Picks gift from Envious. The outfit is named “Surprise”.

While there, check out the lucky chairs and slap the MM board. There is also an Envious group gift and it is free to join. (UPDATE: Starting Jan 18, 2012 there is a fee to join the Envious group)

Wearing Midnight skin from the Skinnery. It is a New Year’s gift for subscribers. After joining, check notice history to get the free gift. There is another free skin available on the wall and two lucky boards.

The hair, shape and eyes were described in the previous blog post. Don't forget, the hair is a subscriber gift from ^;^CaTwA^;^ that is only available until Jan 6th.

Poses created by [vMo] Pose Disk which is free and available to get at FabFree Station.

Photos taken at Enchanted at Elven Realm.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Running Out of Time for These Freebies!

The dress is a free goodbye gift from Pout which is closing Jan 7th.
It is having a 80% off clearance sale until then.

The hair is a part of a fat pack gift from ^;^CaTwA^;^. You get the gift when you sign up for the store’s notices. The free gift will be available until Jan 6th.

The shape is named Sienna from CS Shapes (Curvy Silhouettes Shapes). It is an old hunt gift, but the store is currently having a 50% off sale for a limited time. Occasionally, there is a gift for group members. It is free to join the group unless there is a gift available.

The skin is Trudy II from Mother Goose. Free lucky board item.

The eyes are a free gift from TULI Skins. There are five colors.

The pose is an old freebie I found in my inventory. It was made by Pics n Poses but I don't have a link and I could not find the store in the inworld search.

Photos taken at Whispering Hearts.

(Click on the photos for a larger image.)

ROCK ME AMADEUS Has Opened a New Sale Store

This new sale store has a large selection of apparel and lingerie priced up to 80% off. All items are either 25L or 50L. All sales are final. The items are copy only even though the display boards say transferrable.

**The new sale store is located on an adult sim**

The store shares land with a strip club.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Going Out of Business Sale at Lingerie Boutique

Lingerie Boutique is going out of business and is having a big sale until it closes its doors (date it closes unknown at this time). The items can be transferred. Every item in store down to 30L or less. I went there and the quality of the lingerie is decent.

January VIP Group Gifts at Carrie Lingerie

If you love lingerie, I suggest visiting Carrie Lingerie. There is a large selection and the staff is always friendly. There is a regular group that is free to join and members can play the mini mania board. Members of the the VIP group (500L fee to join) get a monthly VIP gift and enjoy other benefits, such as VIP only discounts on select items. I'm not a member but one of my friends joined the group over a year ago, and she is very happy with the VIP perks.

The following are this month's VIP gifts. (Gifts cannot be transferred)

Prizes for Picks at BeautyCode Shapes and Skins

Check out the Prizes for Picks board at BeautyCode. I stopped by there today and Brittany "Gold Dust" skin was the prize. All you have to do is add BeautyCode as a pick on your profile and the gift is yours.