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I have been blogging on and off since 2011. I love to explore all different types of styles, so there will something for everyone.

I include the designer's name so if the landmark is outdated, you can look up the store easier. I also try to use windlight settings that show the true appearance of items, but keep in mind that something may look different on you than it did in my photo. Larger pictures are on Flicker.

Many free items and deals are available for a limited time so don't wait!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Shopping is My Therapy

The Free Dove is having a FREE hunt with Stars Fashion & Paper.Sparrow ends 4/30

Five prizes from each designer at The Free Dove and 5 prizes at each mainstore

Top - Stars Fashion by Alanna DuPont “Niki” (this prize is at The Free Dove)

Includes skirt not shown

Leggings - Paper.Sparrow by bunniefrancis “Halsey” (this prize is at the mainstore)

Shoes - On a Lark by discovering destiny “Spice Heels” FREE group gift at Redux ends 4/21

Bags - Sibilla by sibilla anton “Fashionvictims” group gift (FREE)

Hair - EscalateD by Dolphin Ayres “Merle” (won on no group needed lucky board but prizes change)

Pose with sunglasses - Secret Poses by sweetdaniellee “SunGlasses” group gift (FREE)

Lip gloss - rotten by little starlight “magical crystal lip gloss” group gift (FREE)

Eyes - RONHAUSEN by antonietta canucci “Mirage #2” FREE group gift at Orsy Event ends 4/23

Appliers & mesh; pack of 6

Skin - WoW Skins by Sawsan Secretspy “Luna” in milk group lucky board prize (NOT free)

Wearing BOM version 

Body - LUCYBODY by Ongoe Allen “Atenea” midnight mania board FREE prize (NO group needed!)

Bento, fits Maitreya sized clothing & Slink shoes, hud includes several skin tone options but I purchased the BOM applier (198L)

Shape - Sweetbee Shapes by brunathegirl “Kass” FREE gift on Marketplace 

Head - GENUS Project by Anna Ivanovna and Freezea “Strong Face GIFT001” group gift (FREE)

Backdrop - RAMA  by faullon “RAMANCHY Boutique” taken at Backdrop City 


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